The Chinese New Year and Gold Jewelry

horse jewelryOne of the grandest festivals of China…

… the Chinese New Year is celebrated with great pomp and show. But in China, it’s not called Chinese New Year, but Lunar New Year because the New Year is determined by the lunar cycle. The festival, known as Spring Festival, is one of the oldest and it is steeped in tradition and customs. Chinese population everywhere in the world Continue reading

Ladies Watches – The Historical Transformation from Jewelry Item to Tool

ladies watches in historyLadies were the first living beings to have adorned their wrists with timepieces and history has evidence to prove it.

However, during the 1800s when ladies began wearing wrist watches they were not considered to be time pieces; instead they were treated more like other pieces of jewelry adorning women’s wrists. The wrist watches crafted for ladies were known as wristlets at that time. Continue reading

Jewelry Tips For Buying Diamond Jewelry

diamond ringPeople all around the world love wearing jewelry. The reason behind this love, of course, is different for different people. However, most people love wearing jewelry to look good and to enhance their appeal. No matter what reasons you have to wear jewelry, one thing common in the world of jewelry is the allure of the diamond, Continue reading

Men’s Jewelry Fashion – Styles and Choices

silhouette of menThe Times Have Certainly Changed For Men’s Jewelry

As recently as a couple of decades ago men’s jewelry was something that was looked upon with suspicious glances. The accessory section of men’s fashion magazines was limited to watches and there was nothing more available than cufflinks and wedding rings. Even a few years back earrings and gold or platinum chains around the neck were viewed as signs of rebellion like rock stars and roadsters. Gradually, the times changed and men have now become much more experimental with their fashion, breaking away from the Continue reading

Body Jewelry and Teens

belly ringTeens are the ones who experiment with their looks the most.

Teens are the ones who obsess about their image the most as well. It is that time in everybody’s life when they want to change a lot of things about the world and about themselves. Body accessories certainly make a very important fashion statement as well as an important tool for self expression for teens.

When we talk of body Continue reading