Custom Jewelry – Unleashing Your Creativity

custom jewelry

Stop scratching your head on what gift to give your significant other!

Instead, think of a design that suits them immensely well and contact a custom jeweler. Yes, custom jewelry is quite a rage in the current times because it lends a personal touch to the jewelry pieces one is wearing. It is great if you have the adequate knowledge on how to design a jewelry piece using computer so that you can have that perfect look. Otherwise, you can go to one of the online custom jewelry designers to choose designs from their gallery and combine them to get the ideal piece for your beloved.

If you know the person well, you will know what she likes and what that piece of jewelry it is that suits her best to bring out her real personality. Surprise her with the perfect piece and watch her face light up with that warm smile. In fact, custom-made jewelry is for anyone and everyone, not only for gifting your girlfriend or wife, but also for your mom, best friend, daughter and husband.

In fact, many men show lot of interest in wearing jewelries nowadays. So if you do want to end up wearing a piece even resembling something you’ve seen in a dream, you can experiment with the design and create something unique which suits your taste and personality. Moreover, if there are old pieces of jewelry lying in your wardrobe which do not interest you anymore, bring them to a custom jewelry designing shop to renovate them or even integrate parts of each into a totally new design. Give them a brand new look and wear them to the evening party or any other ceremony you are attending.

Everyone likes to own a piece of jewelry that is exclusive and eliminate the fear of following someone else’s trend. What better than a custom piece to serve the purpose? Moreover, all of us like to have some control on the designs on our favorite pieces of jewelry. Custom jewelry provides the opportunity to unleash the creativity inside us to create unique designs for our earrings, neck-pieces, bracelets and all such possessions.

Custom designing is typically done with the use of 3D CAD modeling and wax. Following the designs provided to him, the custom design manufacturer will adjust their design until they achieve the desired outcome.

If you’re stuck on Black Hills Gold, the good news is that Landstroms can accommodate many requests for semi-custom jewelry. While creating a custom piece from scratch is not economically viable, integrating custom changes, additions or enhancements to an existing Black Hills Gold style is frequently done. If you’re interested in adding stones or Black Hills Gold leaves or possibly making a silver ring in 10 karat gold, or vice versa, it’s quite likely that Landstroms can accommodate your request.

For example, if you’re looking to modify a lady’s Black Hills Gold ring, the first step is to visit and select the ring or band you would like to modify. Next, determine exactly what you would like to have done differently with the ring. It would be a good idea to also select one or two alternate rings, just in case.

Then simply call BlackHillsGoldSource at 605-221-6120 or send a detailed email to They will work with you to determine if it can be done, and if so, what the cost will be. Most semi-custom pieces require two to three weeks to complete, and though they carry Landstrom’s Lifetime Warranty, are non-returnable.

Don’t be afraid to explore custom and semi-custom jewelry. There’s nothing like having your own “signature” on your favorite piece of jewelry!


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Custom Jewelry – Unleashing Your Creativity

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