Men’s Jewelry Fashion – Styles and Choices

silhouette of menThe Times Have Certainly Changed For Men’s Jewelry

As recently as a couple of decades ago men’s jewelry was something that was looked upon with suspicious glances. The accessory section of men’s fashion magazines was limited to watches and there was nothing more available than cufflinks and wedding rings. Even a few years back earrings and gold or platinum chains around the neck were viewed as signs of rebellion like rock stars and roadsters. Gradually, the times changed and men have now become much more experimental with their fashion, breaking away from the conservative norms, so much so that there are exclusive men’s jewelry brands and collections these days. The product chain has now grown from the restricted choices of cufflinks and wedding rings to bracelets, chains and pendants, earrings, toe rings and jewelry for various piercings. Father’s Day gift ideas are no longer limited to a new wallet.

Most men are generally not into flaunting their jewelry as much as women typically do, but still a subtle statement is made from the way a man matches his jewelry with his attire. Fashion is something that constantly changes with seasons, as do the styles of wearing jewelry and the available choices. When earrings for men came into fashion it was popularly worn on only one ear but now it’s socially acceptable to wear them on both ears. Studs gave away their monopoly to share the space with hoops and rings, and now even ear plugs. Besides traditional metals like gold, silver and platinum you find more exotic options now like steel, glass, titanium and also leather and beads for bracelets and necklaces. Rings are no more only for the married lot but have gained high popularity and moved on from the lonely ring finger to thumb and other fingers too including toes. Diamond remains the most popular stone but more trendy and vibrant varieties of stones are available at cheaper costs. Not only the materials but also the designs have witnessed significant changes from simple and classy to casual and punk. Men’s baubles are thus very much in fashion and are a booming market now.

However, it’s important to know when to be bold and when to keep your outfit pleasing to the onlookers and not scream out loud with gaudy shining jewelry. It’s essential to maintain a single metal tone and not complicate it with too many different metals for different jewelry worn together. A tasteful exception is tri-color jewelry, which combines different alloys of gold, or gold on silver jewelry, which integrates gold with sterling silver.

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Also, keep in mind the occasion, formal or funk, while choosing your jewelry for the day. Traditional metals and simple classy designs team well when it’s dapper formal or semi-formal attire and chic and funky designs gel well with casual outings or occasions.

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The bottom-line is to make sure whatever jewelry you wear doesn’t affect your comfort and confidence.

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