The Chinese New Year and Gold Jewelry

horse jewelryOne of the grandest festivals of China…

… the Chinese New Year is celebrated with great pomp and show. But in China, it’s not called Chinese New Year, but Lunar New Year because the New Year is determined by the lunar cycle. The festival, known as Spring Festival, is one of the oldest and it is steeped in tradition and customs. Chinese population everywhere in the world celebrates their origin and their roots through this festival.

It is also believed that a man-eating beast was driven away by the people of China on this day with the help of fireworks. Hence fireworks displays are a custom followed by the people. Red is the color predominant in everything on this significant day and gold is the metal which is considered auspicious by Chinese all across the world.

According to Chinese traditions gold is the mark of prosperity and, therefore, people buy gold jewelry on New Year’s Eve. The Chinese New Year date varies depending on the lunar calendar and this year, 2014, it is on January 31st. The year 2014 is going to be the year of the horse and hence jewelry with horse motifs will be sold everywhere. People buy jewelry during this time of the year because it is deemed lucky. Moreover, the year of the horse is believed to be auspicious for marriages and having babies. Therefore, gold pendants, rings and necklaces bearing the design of a horse or even shaped like a horse will be in high demand.

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Chinese people all over the world give gold jewelry pieces to their loved ones as gifts. From gold necklaces for the older generation to small golden charms for the young ones, all are presented during this time of the year.

Another interesting characteristic of the Lunar New Year is that the Chinese eat dumplings on the New Year because they resemble gold ingots that bring good fortune to the people. Each of the 15 days through which the Chinese New Year is celebrated has varying significance celebrated by following different customs and traditions. The dumpling eating is done on the first day itself.

The color red is believed to be the hue of fire and hence people dress up in red wearing gold jewelry to ward off evil spirits and usher in the good luck. Gifting horse shaped jewelry boxes is also popular during the New Year. Key chains, necklaces and rings of red with golden embellishments are also quite common during the Chinese New Year.

Jewelry items in the shape of horseshoe are also worn by Chinese to celebrate their new year and bring good luck. A number 8 is considered lucky by Chinese people and they love sporting this number on their jewelry items. Pendants, rings and gold bangles with number 8 engraved in them are especially distinguished. These not only bring good luck but also make a powerful fashion statement when combined with red.

The youngsters love wearing horse stud earrings during this period, making a bold fashion statement and also celebrating the spirit of the New Year.

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The Chinese New Year and Gold Jewelry

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