When it comes to Black Hills Gold, those who know choose Landstroms!

Landstroms Black Hills Gold Ring

Landstroms Black Hills Gold Ring

So there we were, standing in Landstroms retail showroom having just finished up with the factory tour. It was now time to take the “Clink & Clunk Test”. In the front of the room near the entrance stood a display case with Black Hills Gold rings, from left to right made by the leading Black Hills Gold jewelry manufacturers: Landstroms, Stamper, South Dakota Gold, Rushmore Gold and Coleman. This was the perfect opportunity to compare similar designs from the leading Black Hills Gold manufacturers, for once and for all, and see why Landstroms is considered to be the best Black Hills Gold jewelry.

At first glance, each piece seemed to sparkle and shine. But once the case was opened, the differences in quality began to show. As I examined each ring, the first thing I noticed was the amazing amount of detail in the Landstroms ring compared to the others. From the frosty wriggling on the leaves to the fine, detailed engraving, there simply was no comparison. I don’t even recall which of the others looked best or worst; to me there was only one thing noticeable, and that was the fact that the Landstroms ring was in a league all by itself.

The next thing I noticed was how much heavier the Landstroms ring was than the others, a completely different feeling cradling it in my hand. It was hard not to notice. You could tell where the other manufacturers had cut back on the gold under the head of the ring hoping it wouldn’t be noticeable, and clearly see the thinness of the ring shank itself. It was extremely noticeable. Attached to each ring was a card indicating each piece’s gold weight, measured in pennyweight (1 pennyweight = 1/20th of a troy ounce). Here’s what the cards said:

Landstroms                   4.32
Stamper                          2.60
South Dakota Gold      2.90
Rushmore Gold            2.75
Coleman                         2.31

Notice that Landstrom’s ring contains over 48% more gold than the next heaviest piece! Furthermore, though Landstroms’ ring is priced higher than the others, the price per weight of gold actually works out to be lower! So with Landstroms you get better quality, finer details, the Landstroms Lifetime Warranty AND a more valuable piece of gold!  And this difference is reflected in every piece in Landstrom’s line from their Black Hills Gold earrings to their Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings.

The final step in the “Clink & Clunk Test was to drop each ring onto the counter from several inches above. Once again, the difference was remarkable, Landstroms’ ring making a deep clunk as it landed sturdily on the counter, the others all clinking and rattling as they bounced all around. There’s no question why people who know Black Hills Gold ask for Landstroms by name!

Pretty amazing stuff, eh?

2 thoughts on “When it comes to Black Hills Gold, those who know choose Landstroms!

  1. Would have to agree that Landstroms Black Hills Gold is superior to any others. LS

  2. Linda, if you haven’t yet, be sure to take Landstrom’s factory tour if you’re ever in Rapid City. You’ll be impressed.

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