More on taking the Landstroms Factory Tour

Original Landstroms Black Hills Gold

Original Landstroms Black Hills Gold

I’ve talked about the Clink & Clunk Test we took during the Landstroms Factory Tour and how it illustrates some of the differences between the Black Hills Gold jewelry made by Landstroms and that of some of the other manufacturers.

However, aside from anything else, regardless of other manufacturers or any other outside influences or qualities, we walked away from the Landstroms Factory Tour realizing three important things:


Landstroms produces a high quality product and they do it right here in South Dakota’s Black Hills. Their jewelry isn’t imported from Asia or anywhere else. It’s made right here in the America just like it has been for over 130 years! Expert artisans using the highest standards to design and fabricate the most esthetic designs in the Black Hills Gold tradition and fabricate them to exacting standards. That’s what Landstroms quality is all about.

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As we toured the manufacturing facility, we were amazed at how many of the artisans we talked to had been at Landstroms for 12, 18, 20 years – and longer! It became increasingly obvious as various workers took us aside and eagerly and intimately explained their craft that for Landstroms artisans, their work is not just a job, it’s a way of life.


And last but certainly not least we were simply amazed at Landstroms manufacturing process itself, from casting, to soldering, to grinding, to engraving, and all the processes in between. Alone, each step is both an artistic and engineering marvel. Put them all together and it’s simply a most amazing process.

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