I lost one of my Black Hills Gold earrings. Can I order just a “half-pair”?

Black Hills Gold Earrings iamgeIn the unfortunate event that you lose one of your Black Hills Gold earrings, Landstroms can build a replacement for you. Please call us at 605-221-6120 or email us at info@BlackHillsGoldSource.com for a quote. Most of the time, a “half-pair” is simply half the regular price of a standard pair, but there are a few exceptions, so please contact us to be sure. Though not necessary, the best procedure after contacting us to place your order would be to send the remaining earring back to Landstroms. Every piece of Landstroms Black Hills Gold is hand made, so each has its own character. By sending your remaining earring back, Landstroms can make an exact match for you. And they will also professionally clean and polish your exiting one at no extra charge as well!

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