Black Hills Gold Rings, by Landstroms: a brief buyers guide

Landstroms Diamond RingBlack Hills Gold style

Black Hills Gold jewelry is a style of jewelry born out of the gold rush of the late 1800’s and popularized in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Whether made in gold or silver, the “Black Hills Gold” style always features grape vines and grape clusters and the symbolic pink and green Black Hills Gold grape leaves, which are made by alloying copper and silver with gold. Landstroms is the oldest and most well known of all the existing manufacturers and their roots date back to the discovery of gold in The Black Hills. Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry is still made by hand by talented artisans using the same techniques that were used by their predecessors over 100 years ago. You can follow these links to read more about the history of Black Hills Gold and watch a very entertaining Black Hills Gold history video.

What makes Landstroms Black Hills Gold rings so special?

Landstroms creates the best quality Black Hills Gold rings for men, women and children. No matter if you’re giving a ring as a birthday gift, or if it’s for your anniversary or for your engagement, a hand-crafted Black Hills Gold ring made by Landstroms will make that special, one of a kind gift that will be treasured for a lifetime and handed down for generations. Since they’re made by hand, no two rings are alike.

Imagine giving someone you love a mass-produced ring made in an unknown country, out of questionable materials by machines made to kick them out as fast and possible. How would that make you feel? How do you think it would make your loved one feel? Now imagine giving that loved one a beautiful, solid gold ring hand-made right here in America by skilled artisans and articulated in a style which has become a true American art form. Can you feel the difference? You can be sure that your loved one will, too. Each Black Hills Gold or silver ring made by Landstroms carries a Lifetime Warranty because it’s meant to be a part of your life, for life.

Types of Black Hills Gold rings

Like any piece of jewelry, a ring may be given as a gift for any occasion or to one’s self just to celebrate life. But there are some types of Black Hills Gold rings made with a specific purpose in mind:

  • Black Hills Gold mothers ring: a ring that a mother wears which has a a different birthstone for each of her children, and sometimes one for Mom and Dad, too. Landstroms makes a beautiful array of Black Hills Gold mothers rings and pendants carrying up to twelve birthstones.
  • Black Hills Gold wedding sets, engagement rings and bands: choose a most special ring not only to celebrate that most special moment, but to show your loving commitment for the years that lie ahead. Landstroms also has a large selection of matching men’s and women’s Black Hills Gold wedding bands.
  • Black Hills Gold rings for men: don’t forget that Landstroms also has a large selection of handsome rings for men, whether a deer ring for the outdoors-man or and eagle ring as a symbol of strength and freedom or a stunning Father’s Day ring with an array of grapes and leaves.
  • Black Hills Silver rings: the younger crowd these days seems to be trending toward silver jewelry and Landstroms has a wide selection of Black Hills Silver rings made from .925 Sterling silver and highlighted with Black Hills Gold leaves and trim.

Something for everyone at Landstroms

Over the last 130 years, Landstroms has made thousands of different pieces of quality Black Hills Gold and Black Hills Silver jewelry. At any given time they only keep on hand the current lineup of popular items, but they can make any item they’ve ever produced (with the exception of some vendor items such as certain belt buckles, watches, etc.) because they still have all of the original molds for each piece. With that kind of selection, there is truly something for everyone at Landstroms Black Hills Gold.

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