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Landsroms LR3044 Ladies Black Hills Gold RingWe’re sorry that it’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve been very busy with enhancements to our blog which we’re sure you’re going to be excited about!

Our goal with this blog is to bring you continuing information about all aspects of Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry. This also involves providing valuable articles and insight about the the various aspects of western life, specifically in the Black Hills of South Dakota, as well as hard to find information about the history of Black Hills Gold, how Black Hills Gold jewelry is made and what separates Landstroms jewelry from the rest, as well as where to find the best selection and lowest prices and the latest trends in style.

New Products Page on our Blog

With that in mind, we have created a new Products Page on our blog which will show you nearly 300 of Landstroms most popular, best-selling items. These items include Black Hills Gold and silver rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more, all listed by category so that you can easily navigate and find what you are looking for. To get started, go to the top of our blog above and click on Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day presentFather’s Day is a holiday that affords us a good opportunity to express our gratitude and admiration towards our father. There are plenty of options to choose from, however the choice must be according to your own taste and it must reflect your unique feelings towards the person who raised you and who you respect the most. Here are several unique but simple Father’s Day gift ideas that you may consider:

Breakfast in bed with a twist

In order to set this thing in motion you’ll have to wake up early in the morning and make a delicious and healthy breakfast for your dad. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything fancy or complicated, it can be something as simple as his favorite fruit, a toast and a glass of orange juice or milk. Serve him breakfast along with his favorite reading material which is most likely the morning newspaper. As for the twist, while he is eating, try and provide him some homemade entertainment. For example Continue reading

Getting Married in the Spring, Getting Married in June

June brideThe idea of marriage is enough to make your heart flutter with excitement but getting married in the Spring can make it go wild, and even more so if you plan to get married in June. A June bride is said to be the happiest and the one most blessed, having good fortune and happiness with the man she’s vowed to spend the rest of her days with. You might be dreaming of being a June bride, but don’t just dream about it – turn it into a reality.

What makes June brides so special? Well, for one, the month of June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of the union of matrimony. During those years, people believed that Juno guided those couples who performed their nuptial rites under her special month and protected them in their coming years together.

Every June bride wants her wedding ceremony to be perfect because it only happens once in a lifetime. It is the June bride’s moment and Continue reading

Black Hills Gold Easter Jewelry

03375-10K Cross PendantThe last few days of Lent are passing and its end signifies the Christian religion’s most important holiday, Easter.

There are many legends, historical recounts, beliefs and traditions to Easter from many different societies over the course of numerous centuries and generations. The Europeans that first crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed on the North American continent brought with them their traditional beliefs. As they built the first colonies, they based their society, their principles and their ethics on the Christian belief.

However, it is interesting to learn that despite this Christian foundation, Easter wasn’t celebrated in the American society as a tradition until after the Civil War, two hundred years later.

Call Now: 888-580-8448Nowadays, besides its religious meaning, Easter is also an occasion for families to come together. Easter candy such as jellybeans and chocolates are typically given as gifts to children, while Spring flowers are a traditional gift for the ladies.

But if you feel you want to surprise one of your family members and give something special for this year’s holiday, Landstroms offers a complete line of Black Hills Gold cross pendants and earrings which make a perfect gift for the occasion. And all Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry is made in America, by hand, as it’s been made for over one hundred years.

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Presidents Day Black Hills Gold Sale

Presidents DayPresidents Day was initially created in 1879 as “Washington’s Birthday” to honor the country’s first president, George Washington, and they chose his birthday, February 22nd, to be the holiday.

Almost one hundred years later, George had to surrender his birthday date to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which set the federal holiday to be the third Monday in February. Unfortunately, it happens that the 22nd never lands on a Monday. Today, states determine their own designations for this holiday which include “Washington Birthday”, “George Washington Birthday”, “Washington and Jefferson Day”, and of course “Presidents Day”.

On Monday, February 20th, Presidents Day will offer some of us a day off from work, primarily federal, state and banking institutions, but some commercial companies will also keep their doors closed. However, the website is open 24/7 with doors open on Monday looking forward to your visit and offering you the largest online selection of Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry.

With the first day of Spring only four weeks away, many are making wedding or engagement plans. With the BlackHillsGoldSource President’s Day Sale underway, that Black Hills Gold engagement ring you’ve been looking at is right within your reach.

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