Custom Jewelry – Unleashing Your Creativity

custom jewelry

Stop scratching your head on what gift to give your significant other!

Instead, think of a design that suits them immensely well and contact a custom jeweler. Yes, custom jewelry is quite a rage in the current times because it lends a personal touch to the jewelry pieces one is wearing. It is great if you have the adequate knowledge on how to design a jewelry piece using computer so that you can have that perfect look. Otherwise, you can go to one of the online custom jewelry designers to choose designs from their gallery and combine them to get the ideal piece for your beloved.

If you know the person well, you will know what she likes and what that piece of jewelry it is that suits her best to bring out her real personality. Surprise her with the perfect piece and watch her face light up with that warm smile. In fact, custom-made jewelry is for anyone and everyone, not only for gifting your girlfriend or wife, but also for your mom, best friend, daughter and husband. Continue reading

Make Sizzling Statements with Jewelry Trends 2013

photo of fashionistaChange is the only constant in life and more so in fashion!

Even if you start getting a hang of life’s ups and downs, fashion can leave you clueless unless you are seriously invested! Jokes apart, we know that fashion trends transform every day and if you are an active fashionista with a penchant for making fashion forward statements, it is pretty essential that you stay updated with the latest trends of the season.

Jewelry is a fashion imperative with the power to make or break a seemingly perfect ensemble. No wonder, the global fashion fraternity expresses an enthusiastic inclination towards the hottest and most fascinating jewelry trends. The best jewelry trends 2013 incorporate a blend of functional and abstract. You can adopt any style that makes you look charismatic and magnificent. Now let’s take a look at the newest jewelry trends for the year. Continue reading

Avoiding Jewelry Allergies

MiscellaneousAlmost every piece of jewelry you’ll find is a combination, or alloy, of several different metals

Most jewelry allergies are invariably your body’s reaction to one of these other metals in the jewelry, and not to gold or silver. Usually, you’ll break out with redness and some swelling right where you wear your ring, or where your necklace rides. Like other allergies, allergies to metals can come and go and are more likely to Continue reading

Consider Giving A Black Hills Gold Mothers Pendant This Valentines Day

Landstroms Black Hills Gold Mothers Heart Pendant NecklaceThe Holidays are finally over and we’ve all made the journey from the old world that the the Mayans warned us would end last year into the new world we’re in now.

Actually, it was quite a seamless transition, wasn’t it?

All joking aside, the build-up to Christmas can be so overwhelming and with the New Year’s celebrations, and all our well-intentioned resolutions, we sometimes find ourselves deep into the first week of January wondering where all the time went, ridden with anxiety and totally unprepared for the next important Holiday, Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s only six weeks away!


Though Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday, it is one of the most celebrated days of the year. Valentine’s cards and gifts, especially flowers (and namely roses) are de rigueur and it is quite common for a couple to spend the evening at a special restaurant or at a romantic hotel.

Click here for a brief but informative article about Valentine’s Day in the United States Continue reading

Some Things To Know Before You Buy Gold Jewelry

Buying Gold and Silver jewelryGold has been a popular, widely traded precious metal across all cultures since ancient times.

Gold is durable, long lasting, maintains it value, and has attracted much admiration throughout history. Furthermore, it has shaped history as nations expanded their territories to secure either the gold resources or the trade paths those territories offered. Gold is also a very high quality electrical conductor, and since it does not tarnish easily, so it is highly valued for industrial purposes as well.


Pure gold is the most malleable and ductile Continue reading