Make Sizzling Statements with Jewelry Trends 2013

photo of fashionistaChange is the only constant in life and more so in fashion!

Even if you start getting a hang of life’s ups and downs, fashion can leave you clueless unless you are seriously invested! Jokes apart, we know that fashion trends transform every day and if you are an active fashionista with a penchant for making fashion forward statements, it is pretty essential that you stay updated with the latest trends of the season.

Jewelry is a fashion imperative with the power to make or break a seemingly perfect ensemble. No wonder, the global fashion fraternity expresses an enthusiastic inclination towards the hottest and most fascinating jewelry trends. The best jewelry trends 2013 incorporate a blend of functional and abstract. You can adopt any style that makes you look charismatic and magnificent. Now let’s take a look at the newest jewelry trends for the year. Continue reading

Buy Black Hills Gold Here!

Landsroms LR3044 Ladies Black Hills Gold RingWe’re sorry that it’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve been very busy with enhancements to our blog which we’re sure you’re going to be excited about!

Our goal with this blog is to bring you continuing information about all aspects of Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry. This also involves providing valuable articles and insight about the the various aspects of western life, specifically in the Black Hills of South Dakota, as well as hard to find information about the history of Black Hills Gold, how Black Hills Gold jewelry is made and what separates Landstroms jewelry from the rest, as well as where to find the best selection and lowest prices and the latest trends in style.

New Products Page on our Blog

With that in mind, we have created a new Products Page on our blog which will show you nearly 300 of Landstroms most popular, best-selling items. These items include Black Hills Gold and silver rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more, all listed by category so that you can easily navigate and find what you are looking for. To get started, go to the top of our blog above and click on Continue reading

I have a beautiful pendant that is about 10 years old and now needs a new chain. Can you supply just the chain?

Black Hills Gold Pendant imageNearly every Black Hills Gold pendant made by Landstroms comes with a complimentary 18” long 12/20 gold-filled chain. Likewise, Black Hills silver pendants come with complimentary 18” long Sterling Silver chains. These chains are not made by Landstroms, nor are they Black Hills Gold, but are vendor items that Landstroms provides simply as a courtesy to their customers. A few high end pieces, such as the magnificent PE855 Black Hills Cross Pendant and BR405X Butterfly Pendant do not come with complimentary chains at all because they warrant upgraded chains which are offered as an option during purchase. Most of our customers simply buy replacement chains from their local jeweler because they can see and feel the texture of a number of different chains and are this way best able to choose a chain they will be happy with. However, if you would like a replacement chain from Landstroms, you will Continue reading

I saw a Black Hills Gold ring on television (at Sears, K-Mart, etc.) I would like to order. Do you carry it?

BlackHillsGoldSource LogoAt, we carry only Landstroms Original Black Hills Gold jewelry. Landstroms does not sell their jewelry at department stores such as K-Mart, Kohl’s, Sears or Wal-Mart. Nor do they sell their jewelry on television through QVC or Home Shopping Network, etc. Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry is only available through authorized distributors and at Landstrom’s Retail Store at the Rapid City factory in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Any Black Hills Gold jewelry you may see for sale in department stores or on TV has not been made by Landstroms. If you want the best Black Hills Gold, be sure to buy only Landstroms Black Hills Gold. And be sure to buy only from someone you can trust.

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BlackHillsGoldSource brings you the best Black Hills Gold jewelry, made only by Landstroms.

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I lost one of my Black Hills Gold earrings. Can I order just a “half-pair”?

Black Hills Gold Earrings iamgeIn the unfortunate event that you lose one of your Black Hills Gold earrings, Landstroms can build a replacement for you. Please call us at 605-221-6120 or email us at for a quote. Most of the time, a “half-pair” is simply half the regular price of a standard pair, but there are a few exceptions, so please contact us to be sure. Though not necessary, the best procedure after contacting us to place your order would be to send the remaining earring back to Landstroms. Every piece of Landstroms Black Hills Gold is hand made, so each has its own character. By sending your remaining earring back, Continue reading