I have a beautiful pendant that is about 10 years old and now needs a new chain. Can you supply just the chain?

Black Hills Gold Pendant imageNearly every Black Hills Gold pendant made by Landstroms comes with a complimentary 18” long 12/20 gold-filled chain. Likewise, Black Hills silver pendants come with complimentary 18” long Sterling Silver chains. These chains are not made by Landstroms, nor are they Black Hills Gold, but are vendor items that Landstroms provides simply as a courtesy to their customers. A few high end pieces, such as the magnificent PE855 Black Hills Cross Pendant and BR405X Butterfly Pendant do not come with complimentary chains at all because they warrant upgraded chains which are offered as an option during purchase. Most of our customers simply buy replacement chains from their local jeweler because they can see and feel the texture of a number of different chains and are this way best able to choose a chain they will be happy with. However, if you would like a replacement chain from Landstroms, you will Continue reading

Black Hills Gold Butterfly Jewelry

Landstroms Butterfly Earrings

Black Hills Gold Butterfly Earrings

With the first day of Spring only a few short weeks away, what better time to introduce a fresh new line of Black Hills Gold Butterfly Pendants and Black Hills Gold Butterfly Earrings, by Landstroms!?

You’ll sparkle with the gleam of the new season with Landstroms beautiful new spring lineup. Grouped together with other wildlife jewelry reflecting the season of spring you’ll also be able to choose from animal earrings and necklaces such as horse jewelry, hummingbird jewelry, dragonfly jewelry – even frog jewelry and dolphin jewelry!

So if you’re ready to burst  into spring, visit BlackHillsGoldSource.com, your #1 source for Landstroms Black Hills Gold Jewelry!