Black Hills Gold Easter Jewelry

03375-10K Cross PendantThe last few days of Lent are passing and its end signifies the Christian religion’s most important holiday, Easter.

There are many legends, historical recounts, beliefs and traditions to Easter from many different societies over the course of numerous centuries and generations. The Europeans that first crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed on the North American continent brought with them their traditional beliefs. As they built the first colonies, they based their society, their principles and their ethics on the Christian belief.

However, it is interesting to learn that despite this Christian foundation, Easter wasn’t celebrated in the American society as a tradition until after the Civil War, two hundred years later.

Call Now: 888-580-8448Nowadays, besides its religious meaning, Easter is also an occasion for families to come together. Easter candy such as jellybeans and chocolates are typically given as gifts to children, while Spring flowers are a traditional gift for the ladies.

But if you feel you want to surprise one of your family members and give something special for this year’s holiday, Landstroms offers a complete line of Black Hills Gold cross pendants and earrings which make a perfect gift for the occasion. And all Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry is made in America, by hand, as it’s been made for over one hundred years.

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Black Hills Gold Easter Jewelry