Consider Giving A Black Hills Gold Mothers Pendant This Valentines Day

Landstroms Black Hills Gold Mothers Heart Pendant NecklaceThe Holidays are finally over and we’ve all made the journey from the old world that the the Mayans warned us would end last year into the new world we’re in now.

Actually, it was quite a seamless transition, wasn’t it?

All joking aside, the build-up to Christmas can be so overwhelming and with the New Year’s celebrations, and all our well-intentioned resolutions, we sometimes find ourselves deep into the first week of January wondering where all the time went, ridden with anxiety and totally unprepared for the next important Holiday, Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s only six weeks away!


Though Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday, it is one of the most celebrated days of the year. Valentine’s cards and gifts, especially flowers (and namely roses) are de rigueur and it is quite common for a couple to spend the evening at a special restaurant or at a romantic hotel.

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Getting Married in the Spring, Getting Married in June

June brideThe idea of marriage is enough to make your heart flutter with excitement but getting married in the Spring can make it go wild, and even more so if you plan to get married in June. A June bride is said to be the happiest and the one most blessed, having good fortune and happiness with the man she’s vowed to spend the rest of her days with. You might be dreaming of being a June bride, but don’t just dream about it – turn it into a reality.

What makes June brides so special? Well, for one, the month of June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of the union of matrimony. During those years, people believed that Juno guided those couples who performed their nuptial rites under her special month and protected them in their coming years together.

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Birthstone of The Month: the Diamond, April’s Birthstone

Diamond solitaireAPPEARANCE

Everyone is familiar with April’s birthstone, the Diamond, so where do we begin? Well, how are they formed? Diamonds are formed by intense heat and pressure acting on carbon atoms over millions of years. These carbon atoms come from either trapped carbon dioxide gas or from the melting of pre-existing rocks deep (at least 75 miles) beneath the earth’s crust. Over time volcanic forces push the diamonds to the earth’s surface revealing the intensely clear cubic crystal structure. Scientists believe that the oldest diamonds are somewhere around 3 billion years old.

But not all diamonds are clear. In fact some of the most valuable diamonds have colors ranging from pink to blue, and most colors in between. During formation, intrusion of atoms of nitrogen, boron and phosphorous creates colored diamonds; nitrogen and boron causing the yellow and blue color, respectively. However, given that the diamond is the most transparent of all known solid and liquid substances, it’s not a surprise that clear diamonds are the most popular and sought after.


It is believed that the first diamonds were discovered in India some 3000 years ago and were initially used for simple decoration because of their clear, crystalline beauty. They would soon come to be worshiped by the Greeks for being indestructible.

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