Historic Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Old Deadwood postcardI just spotted a great new article on the Toronto Sun about Deadwood, South Dakota. Author Wayne Newton delves into what he discovered at the Adams Museum in town:

“While Eastern-style honesty might not have been a hallmark of Deadwood when it was set up as a rogue mining camp in the Dakota territory during the 1800s, integrity and frankness have become hallmarks at a museum, which should be the starting point for tourists who truly want to appreciate Deadwood and its colourful, controversial history.”

Read the whole article at: http://www.torontosun.com/2012/04/10/back-to-the-wild-wild-west

Backpacker Magazine: where to raise your kids

It comes as no surprise to me that Backpacker Magazine has named Boulder, Colorado as the #1 place in the US to raise an outdoor kid. Boulder has a lot going for it: 300 sunny days per year, relatively low crime rate, beautiful scenery, fairly low taxes, a major university, proximity to a large metropolitan city (Denver) and an international airport, close proximity to the Rocky Mountains allowing a plethora of outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, climbing, rafting – I could go on and on!

Hallet Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hallet Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

The only thing is, I’m not the only one who knows this, due in part to the many “Best Places” articles that have been written over the years, such as the one in Backpacker Magazine. But population growth here is nothing new. In fact,  Boulder instituted its first growth ordinance in 1976. I first came to visit Boulder in 1991 and decided to move here in 1996. Since then, I’ve watched the area surrounding Boulder grow at an unchecked rate. Bloated suburbs, congested roads, compromised air quality (oh, that’s right, it all blows over to Nebraska), and the social chill that accompanies overpopulation has made Boulder a somewhat different place Read More

A Return to Quality, or: There are some places where it never left

New York State

I Love NY

I remember my brother and I growing up in Upstate New York. I mean WAY upstate where everyone there refers to it as central New York. We lived in the suburban town of North Syracuse, a few miles from the city proper but we attended Liverpool Central schools from Elementary through High School. You see, we lived right on the border of North Syracuse and Liverpool, and though our postal address said North Syracuse, our school district was Liverpool. A few streets away Read More