Wedding Bands and Traditions Across the World

Indonesian brideThere are a multitude of wedding traditions and ceremonies across the world. They differ not only by country but also by ethnic groups and religion. Two common aspects of all ceremonies across the board is the exchanging of a vow to loyalty, and a gift.


Many countries celebrate weddings the same way that’s done here in the US: a white dress for the bride, a black suit for the groom, and the exchange of a wedding band. This tradition is popular around the world throughout cultures much different from the western world. Yet, there are many other ceremonies and practices that have their roots in a nation’s or a tribe’s ancestry, beliefs and lifestyle.

In China a couple exchanges red handkerchiefs with pictures of mandarin ducks – in Chinese culture the ducks represent a long lasting relationship. In India, the ceremony involves the couple each holding the end of a cloth and then walking four times around a sacred book. Interestingly enough, the color white represents death in India, so the bride wears a red wedding gown. Continue reading

Getting Married in the Spring, Getting Married in June

June brideThe idea of marriage is enough to make your heart flutter with excitement but getting married in the Spring can make it go wild, and even more so if you plan to get married in June. A June bride is said to be the happiest and the one most blessed, having good fortune and happiness with the man she’s vowed to spend the rest of her days with. You might be dreaming of being a June bride, but don’t just dream about it – turn it into a reality.

What makes June brides so special? Well, for one, the month of June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of the union of matrimony. During those years, people believed that Juno guided those couples who performed their nuptial rites under her special month and protected them in their coming years together.

Every June bride wants her wedding ceremony to be perfect because it only happens once in a lifetime. It is the June bride’s moment and Continue reading