Getting Married in the Spring, Getting Married in June

June brideThe idea of marriage is enough to make your heart flutter with excitement but getting married in the Spring can make it go wild, and even more so if you plan to get married in June. A June bride is said to be the happiest and the one most blessed, having good fortune and happiness with the man she’s vowed to spend the rest of her days with. You might be dreaming of being a June bride, but don’t just dream about it – turn it into a reality.

What makes June brides so special? Well, for one, the month of June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of the union of matrimony. During those years, people believed that Juno guided those couples who performed their nuptial rites under her special month and protected them in their coming years together.

Every June bride wants her wedding ceremony to be perfect because it only happens once in a lifetime. It is the June bride’s moment and no one can be more alluring and more gorgeous than her. But she can exude her magnificence even more with the timeless designs of a master jeweler that intends to compliment her beauty even more.

The most celebrated union is never complete without the ring that specially symbolizes a lasting union and a constant reminder of that solemn promise of two hearts to dwell in one soul. The ring should be an embodiment of that lasting love and there is no better way to represent that love but with the rings that were forged with an equally memorable name.

Quality engagement rings come from a variety of reputable manufacturers. Landstroms Original Black Hills Gold Creations is the original manufacturer of Black Hills Gold jewelry with roots dating back to the 1800’s. Landstroms offers classic designs of elegant wedding jewelry that offer a true touch of American history. Every piece of Landstroms wedding jewelry is made in America in the Black Hills of South Dakota, by hand, just the way it’s been made for over 100 years. And it’s interesting to note that, like getting married in June, wearing Black Hills Gold jewelry is also believed to bestow prosperity. Gypsies traveling through South Dakota in the 1950’s started a legend which says, “To one who wears the Black Hills Gold, good luck and fortune will unfold.”

Getting married in Spring, getting married in June – a bride will always look her best and will always bring glory to her man. Be that June bride that your man expects you to be and dazzle everyone with your infinite beauty. Hold everything from that moment dear to your heart and be true to your promise when he puts that ring on your finger and claims you to be his forever.


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Getting Married in the Spring, Getting Married in June

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