Consider Giving A Black Hills Gold Mothers Pendant This Valentines Day

Landstroms Black Hills Gold Mothers Heart Pendant NecklaceThe Holidays are finally over and we’ve all made the journey from the old world that the the Mayans warned us would end last year into the new world we’re in now.

Actually, it was quite a seamless transition, wasn’t it?

All joking aside, the build-up to Christmas can be so overwhelming and with the New Year’s celebrations, and all our well-intentioned resolutions, we sometimes find ourselves deep into the first week of January wondering where all the time went, ridden with anxiety and totally unprepared for the next important Holiday, Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s only six weeks away!


Though Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday, it is one of the most celebrated days of the year. Valentine’s cards and gifts, especially flowers (and namely roses) are de rigueur and it is quite common for a couple to spend the evening at a special restaurant or at a romantic hotel.

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Along with flowers, jewelry is a very common gift on Valentine’s Day, usually a pendant or earrings in the form of a heart, with the purpose of expressing one’s love. And because Valentine’s Day is also one of the most popular days for people to get engaged or married, engagement rings, wedding bands and wedding sets also contribute to the widespread gifting of jewelry on this special day.

While many people plan ahead and select their Valentine’s gift during their Christmas shopping, most are left searching for a nice thing to do for this special day, but completely exhausted of their creativity.

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Allow us to help you and make a suggestion since we have the perfect gift to give for Valentine’s Day, and other special days of course.


While usually reserved as a gift on Mother’s Day, mothers jewelry can make a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day. And no, she doesn’t have to be a mother to wear mothers jewelry!

Mothers jewelry is a precious adornment, usually a ring or pendant, featuring birthstones representing the birth months of a mother’s children. While mothers rings are generally the most popular type of mothers jewelry, many people prefer the simplicity of a mothers pendant, or mothers necklace, instead. Mothers pendants also have the advantage in the case of a large family because mothers rings with numerous birthstones can be quite substantial in size and weight, and a pendant won’t interfere with wedding rings and other rings, and will leave the hands free for every-day use.

And mothers pendants have a particular advantage when it comes to Valentine’s Day because many, if not most mothers pendants are designed as hearts! There are many options in both gold and silver when it comes to mothers pendants, but allow us to suggest the Black Hills Gold pendant shown above, which we believe is the perfect gift to give for Valentine’s Day! This beautiful Black Hills Gold pendant by Landstroms consists of a 10 karat gold rose and heart with a signature 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaf, and a complimentary 18″ gold-filled chain. It’s customizable with up to six birthstones in any order you choose, or without birthstones if you prefer.

If you’re married with children, this Black Hills Gold pendant necklace will make a perfect, endearing gift with the birthstones of each child’s birth month. And if you’re just boyfriend and girlfriend, two stones, each representing your own birthdays makes an equally cherished gift.

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And a word about Black Hills Gold jewelry. If you are not yet familiar with Black Hills Gold jewelry, you’ll be pleased to know that every piece of Landstroms jewelry is made in America, by hand in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA.

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Landstroms is the original Black Hills Gold manufacturer, with roots stemming back to the 1874 discovery of gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Consider giving this beautiful mothers pendant as a Valentine’s Day gift and you will be sure to make that special someone very happy.

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Consider Giving A Black Hills Gold Mothers Pendant This Valentines Day

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