Landstroms raises prices with rising cost of Gold


Worth More Every Day

Worth More Every Day

Reuters has just reported that gold climbed 1.5% today, nearing its recent 18-month highs (read story here). With that, Landstroms has announced that they will raise prices across the board on their entire line of jewelry effective October 12, 2009.

Landstroms has been doing their best to keep prices low, but with a large percentage of Landstroms’ pieces being comprised of gold, it’s simply unavoidable that their jewelry prices will eventually increase with the price of gold. Expect increases of between 5 and 10% on most gold pieces, depending on their individual gold content. Silver has been on the rise as well, but not as sharply as gold, so some very good values can be found in Black Hills Silver.

In fact now is the time to buy your Black Hills Gold Christmas jewelry, before prices increase!

The fact that these precious metals will cost a bit more starting in October isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s expected that gold will continue to increase in value as inflation returns to a recovering world economy.

This means your Black Hills Gold jewelry will continue to grow in value over the years.

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