How can I tell whether my jewelry was made by Landstrom’s?

Landstroms Black Hills GoldThis is one of the most common questions we hear, and a very important one at that! All Landstroms Original Black Hills Gold Creations bear the following manufacturer’s marking:

Landstrom Logo

And all Landstroms vermeil jewelry is stamped with the following:


Other registered trademarks from component companies in the Landstrom’s family include:


and the original F.L. Thorpe brand jewelry is marked with:

Thorpe Logo

These trademarks go back to before Ivan Landstrom consolidated the various Black Hills Gold companies which are now Landstroms. Some resellers claim to include a “Landstroms Certificate Of Authenticity” with each piece. Be wary of companies making such claims because the only things that Landstroms includes with your original Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry is the distinctive, white Landstroms box and the following informative fold-out:


Landstroms Certificate of Authority, front


Landstroms Certificate of Authority, rear

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