My Black Hills Gold is damaged (worn, broken, etc.) and needs repair. How do I send it back?

Each piece of Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry carries Landstroms Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Of course, physical abuse or prolonged normal wear are not covered by this warranty. For complete warranty details, please refer to the warranty by following the link above.

In the unfortunate event that your Black Hills Gold jewelry ever does need to be repaired, you will need to ship it insured to Landstrom’s factory at the following address, along with a description of the problem, your name, address and telephone number:


405 Canal Street
Rapid City, SD 57701
Attention: Repairs

Landstroms will assess the repair and contact you with a quote for the work if it is not a warranty repair. Landstroms does their best to give you fast turn-around and repairs are very reasonably priced. If it is a warranty repair, Landstroms will perform the work and return your item to you via UPS Ground. If you need to contact Landstroms Customer Service to check on the status of your repair, they can be reached at 800-770-5000

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4 thoughts on “My Black Hills Gold is damaged (worn, broken, etc.) and needs repair. How do I send it back?

  1. My cuff bracelet had a safety closure. Only way I can think to describe it is a plunger into opposite side. I bought it from QVC 20 years ago but can’t find any hallmark. I have never missed a day wearing it even with other colors of gold. Please advise.

  2. Hello, our expertise is in Landstroms Black Hills Gold. Landstroms has never been sold on QVC, so your jewelry was likely made by Coleman. Unfortunately, Coleman recently (January 2017) closed it’s doors and has gone out of business. It’s possible that Riddles Jewelry can handle your repair. You can contact them at 800-658-3361. Otherwise, I would suggest a quality local jeweler.. Regards, Michael

  3. I have a Black Hills gold ring I bought my granddaughter when she was a little girl she just recently started to wear it again and the diamond is gone. I bought it at The Wall Drug but how can I tell if it’s Landstrom or another brand so I know where to send it for repairs?

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